Fostering positive socio-economic change and developing entrepreneurship through creation of new generation social/impact entrepreneurs in Serbia


Serbian Venture Network with the support of U.S. Embassy Belgrade is implementing the project “Fostering positive socio-economic change and developing entrepreneurship through a creation of new generation social/impact entrepreneurs in Serbia”. The Project is aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship and creating a new generation of social entrepreneurs.

The project involves several phases. This year at Belgrade Venture Forum ( hotel Crowne Plaza, 5-7 December 2016) we will organize special program sections –  panels and lectures, workshops and master classes, which will deal with promotion, knowledge, skills and trends in social/impact entrepreneurship and very important, in impact investing concept. Foreign guests from EU, USA and other countries will take roles of lecturers, speakers, panelists and jury members.

BgVF, since establishment, has a startup pitching competition, where startup and innovative companies present directly to investors and where they compete for investments. We will create a special pitching session dedicated to social/impact entrepreneurship projects, and we will create a jury which will consist of impact investors.

After the BgVF 2016 in order to continue with development of social entrepreneurship SeVeN will start School of Social Entrepreneurship, which will consist of several parts:


1) Online course on “How to start your own business” is focused on the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills needed to develop business ideas and knowledge about social entrepreneurship. The first part of the program will last for one month where you will be able to learn independently online and at a pace that suits you – through online presentations, lectures, video materials and additional resources for reading. All this you can do in the comfort of your room via your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet.

2) The participants of the second part of the school expect more practical training on social entrepreneurship and development of business ideas, guided by experienced mentors and in cooperation with other participants – where it will really work on starting your own business. During the second part of the program, you will have the opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs and startups, and to visit the business hubs.

3) The best teams who went through the training program on Social Entrepreneurship will be prepared for pitching competition at Belgrade Venture Forum 2017. Impact investment pitching will be established as a new round of competition within the Belgrade Venture Forum with  international investment jury that invests in innovative social business ideas.


Activities within the School of Social Entrepreneurship will be held in the period  December 2016. – April 2017.

You have an idea that can respond to environmental, educational, health, economic challenges and problems in society? Let’s develop sustainable business models that will really change society for the better!


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Ena DugonjicFostering positive socio-economic change and developing entrepreneurship through creation of new generation social/impact entrepreneurs in Serbia