Vibrant half season for Serbian startup community

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First two quarters of 2014 were really interesting and full of great events and initiatives coming from Serbian startup community. There had been several very important developments.

Spring started with Startit Fest, first Serbian startup festival, lasting for five days and hosting dozen of events, culminating with Mini Seedcamp and Startup Standup Conference. Few thousands guests had a chance to meet best and brightest of Serbian startups and some of the leading guests from USA and Europe, coming from investment and entrepreneurship realms.

StartLabs, first Serbian Tech Accelerator was also very active organizing a series of Lean Startup Circle meet-ups and bringing top mentors and world class entrepreneurs in Serbia, at a glance of startup community. We had a chance of meeting Adam Berk, John Ramey and many others.

Later, we had a chance to witness creation of several new startups in a great atmosphere of Serbian Royal Palace, during second Startup Weekend in Belgrade. Event provided great learning and networking opportunity for more than 100 participants, as they had a chance to work and hear from great mentors and judges.

Royal Council of Entrepreneurship organized Startup Tel Aviv Competition. Serbian startups were competing for a great opportunity to meet mentors and top entrepreneurs from Israel and to go DLD Festival in September.

Serbian startup ecosystem and community are becoming really vibrant as they gain in quality and numbers as well.

bijelicVibrant half season for Serbian startup community